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Life-Changing Contact Lenses in Stoke-on-Trent

If you’re not keen on the idea of laser eye surgery, Nocturnal and Orthokeratology contact lenses could be just right for you! These specialist contact lenses are only worn when you sleep, correcting your short sight by gently changing the shape of your eye without the need for surgery.

The purpose of these revolutionary lenses is to provide improved vision throughout the day without having to wear spectacles or contact lenses. That’s right, no more eye discomfort or dryness! They are also a great solution for people participating in water sports as you won't need to wear lenses underwater. Contact the team at GLYN JONES OPTICIANS in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire today to find out more! You may be surprised at how affordable they are, please ask if you would like price details posting on.


A recent sight test. Structure of appointments: Initial consultation then lenses will arrive usually within 2-3 days. Second appointment to collect, visual check, insertion and removal advice. Third appointment after 1st night wearing lenses sleeping and then Optician will decide on next follow-up appointment.

Why Choose Nocturnal Lenses?

Patients as young as 16 years old can benefit from Nocturnal lenses. These lenses can be worn if you have tired or dry eyes and work well with mono-vision, enabling you to see both long and short distances.

Nocturnal lenses offer the same vision correction as laser eye surgery with freedom from spectacles. They are individually designed especially for your eyes.

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