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The CUES service has temporarily replaced the MECS (Minor Eye Care Service)

Accidents and emergencies related to your eyes may still happen at this time; patients can seek help in the community. A service has been set up so patients can access free urgent NHS care at an Optometry practice. Sometimes patients may be sent onto the hospital if further care is needed.

There are a number of practices delivering this service, including Glyn Jones Opticians. Our practice is equipped with an OCT scanner which allows images to be forwarded to the hospital when required.

If you have an urgent eye problem, please contact us. When you call, you will be asked a number of questions about your eye problem and your general wellbeing. This will help decide whether you need a face to face CUES appointment or a telephone or video CUES consultation. Our practice is following social distancing guidelines and we have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

The CUES scheme is free of charge to those registered with a Staffordshire or Cheshire GP. If you are registered with a GP out of this area please contact us for guidance as lots of other areas in the UK have also commissioned the CUES service. Included in the CUES service are;

· Red Eye
· Recently Occurring Flashes and Floaters
· Painful Eye 

· Recent and Sudden Loss of Vision

· Foreign Body in the Eye or Abrasion/ Scratch

Post-Operative Cataract Scheme

Following routine cataract surgery the vast majority of patients can now attend an accredited Optometrist for their four week post surgery check-up

Pre-Operative Cataract Referral Pathway

Our optometrists are trained to assess cataracts and discuss the option of a referral where appropriate. A direct referral can then take place from optometrist to a surgical provider.

Paediatric Shared Care (PSC) Scheme

Two of our optometrists are accredited to provide appointments on the PSC scheme. These appointments often follow a school screening appointment or follow an examination by an Orthoptist in a community clinic or hospital setting.

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