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Glyn Jones Opticians will be holding a Meniere's morning on every first Monday of the month for advise and help on the correct spectacles for you.



Visioffice X not only brings an exceptional optical measuring system to you, but can also help to maintain social distancing moving forward. You are at the heart of the measuring process, with vocal and visual instruction to allow you to really appreciate what it takes to achieve accurate measurements and the value of a personalised lens.
Visioffice X helps to consider the anatomy and positioning of the eye, as well as each patients’ posture and the way you wear your frames. By taking into account these factors, along with 11 unique measurements for each eye, we can deliver bespoke lenses: all without physical contact between you and the patient.


Eyewear By David Beckham



New season now in stock



"My own style journey has taught me the power of simplicity and the importance of detail and craftsmanship"

David Beckham has curated a collection of timeless frames made from the very finest materials. His exacting taste and eye for detail have brought together an exceptional contemporary aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. The brand reflects David’s vision, with a constant dedication to quality. 14/06/2021



The Latest Spring Collection from Tom Ford as arrived.15/02/2021

Tom Ford has long been a style icon who continues to lead and mould the mood of the
moment. A potent vision of modernity and glamorous allure can be seen in all
his creations and products, which feature an innovative and provocative design,
attention to detail and exclusive materials and workmanship.

The brand’s core values are reflected in the
eyewear collection: Made in Italy, with a painstaking attention to detail and
high quality products. The sunglasses and spectacles merge together both vintage and contemporary
influences. All the styles are rendered instantly recognizable by the elegant
metal “T” detail, the undisputed icon of the brand.

Among the most iconic and desired styles we can
count the Whitney, the Jennifer, the Cary, the Leo and the sunglasses worn by
James Bond in the 007 Saga Movies (Models include Marko, Snowdon and Henry)

Job Vacancy 17/12/2020

 ( Now Closed )

Glyn Jones Opticians are currently looking to add a talented Optical Receptionist to join our experienced and friendly team. The individual should have a keen interest in eyewear fashion and be commercially aware. A professional and friendly customer focused approach to your work and the ability to build a strong rapport with customers and colleagues alike is an essential part of the role. Experience is preferred, but not essential as training will be provided.

Specific responsibilities.

To provide the very highest quality customer service

Excellent interpersonal skills

Engage with patients in a warm and friendly manner

Greeting patients and answering telephone and general reception duties

Cleaning, sanitising and disinfection procedures to be undertaken

Handling and responding to correspondence and scheduling appointments

Cash and card transactions and daily reconciliation of daily takings

Assisting with choosing frames for the prescription and general queries

Ability to work independently or as part of team

Must be aware of Data Protection 

Must have positive attitude - energy and charismatic personality

Job Types: Part-time, 3 or 4 days per week

Closing date 15 January 2021

CV and hand written cover letter to
to Neil Huxley ( Practice Manager )
Glyn Jones Opticians,
36 Trinity Street,
Stoke -on-Trent. ST1 5LA


Amy Clorley writes on her experience of Glyn Jones Opticians

 Since the coronavirus pandemic initially began only a few months ago, I have found myself weary

about attending appointments that were in fact necessary. With the
unprecedented times still at the forefront of our society, I personally opted
not to acknowledge the headaches I was experiencing due to my own fears about
the crisis affecting the entirety of our world. After finally accepting the
fact that seeing a doctor was essential, I attended an appointment but
unfortunately was met with no luck. With the headaches continuing, my mum and I
instantly turned to Glyn Jones opticians.

Immediately, I was given an appointment to see an optician the exact same day by an unbelievably
helpful member of staff. Upon arrival only a few hours later, my initial worries
surrounding COVID were disowned as I swiftly noticed the depth of precautions
that were put into place. From the station informing patients to wait for a
member of staff to let them in outside to the PPE visible upon everyone in the
building, every guideline was clearly taken into account.

Despite the safety measures put into place, the entire appointment I underwent felt very thorough
and secure. Ian Hamilton, the excellent optician who was attending to me, gave
me a new prescription which has since certainly helped with the eye strain I
was once possessing.

Initially, I was considering coming back another day to choose a pair of glasses when the
provisions eased but seeing the highest safety measures in place, I felt
perfectly comfortable trying on different frames to find the ones most suitable
for me. Without even asking, an incredibly helpful member of staff by the name
of Neil Huxley promptly reached out to help me with my decision. Recognising
the style I liked, he picked out several pairs of Tom Ford glasses consisting
of different sizes and colours.

Every frame I tried
on only made me fall more in love with the Tom Ford brand as I soon found
myself in a situation where I couldn’t possibly choose which glasses I liked the
most. Understanding this, Neil immediately put forward a proposition
surrounding the company I already knew I wanted to get my frames from. Adam
Stevens, a representative for Tom Ford, would be coming in the following
afternoon to bring in the latest collection for the upcoming seasons. After a
call to Adam, he was kindly more than willing to meet me and introduce me to
the beautiful new spectacles available.

The following day, I
was welcomed with an immense new number of frames that Adam had picked out
based on the style’s id picked out the previous day which I found very hard to
choose between. Both Adam and Neil were there guiding me through my choice as
other members of staff also voiced their input proving once again how patient
and helpful the workers at Glyn Jones truly are.

Finally, after much consideration, I chose a pair that many also announced their liking for which I

came to collect the following weekend. Since, my eyesight has improved
dramatically and has certainly helped me in my new role as a college student
with a pair of frames I couldn’t possibly love more.

I cannot thank the staff at Glyn Jones enough for being persistently incredible even despite
recent events as well as Adam for taking the time to help me choose the right
glasses for me. I would recommend Glyn Jones opticians to anyone wanting to
receive an experience consistently at the highest standard with every member of
staff always willing to help.


Eco friendly spectacles 26/08/2020

Glyn Jones Opticians cares about the environment and we have
introduced a collection ECO Conscious frames  that are fashionable and highly
wearable. The perfected material selections offer doses of bold, on-trend
colour, while considered fashion features include a custom
leaf-inspired logo, subtly placed within the tip plates to add a
designer-infused reminder of the collections’ eco credentials.

No harmful substances are
used in the production of bio-based acetates, with even factory water being
fully recycled. A completely renewable and sustainable alternative to regular
acetate, bio-based acetate is non-toxic and retains the premium colours and textures

of standard acetates.

For this collection the manufactures Eyespace have partnered with the charity ‘One Tree
Planted’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping reforestation in the
fight against climate change. For every frame purchased, Eyespace have
committed to plant trees, with an initial target of 10,000.


Shamir Anti-Fog Glacier Plus Lenses.  15/08/2020

To assist mask-wearers who also wear glasses,  Shamir Insight, Inc. have launched a technology called Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog, that permanently prevents the build-up of vapor on the lens without any type of activator or rejuvenation spray. And Glyn Jones Opticians are offering to our patients buy one pair lenses and get as many other pairs as you want at half price.

When else does fog appear?

When humidity coming off the body gets trapped behind the lens and the temperature of the lens is lower than that of the trapped humid air, this causes the back surface of the lens to fog up. Anyone who wears glasses is likely to have experienced this discomfort of fogged vision, virtually blinding them, this can be uncomfortable, disturbing, or even dangerous. It can also happen when stepping out in the cold, or when entering an air conditioned environment. It most commonly happens during strenuous activity when the body is giving off more heat, generating humidity which then gets trapped behind the lens.


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on winning his seventh British Grand Prix
. 03/08/2020

It was a dramatic last lap with Lewis nursing his Mercedes car to the finish with a punctured left front tyre. As well as being a professional racing driver, he as now turned his talents to designing, with a range of spectacles for Police eye wear. Here is what he had to say to De Rigo eye wear company.

“Working with Police on the creation of this collection has been an amazing experience. On and off the track I’m always looking to challenge myself and fulfil my potential in new ways, so I’ve loved the design process and have learnt so much from working alongside Police’s brilliant creative team. From developing the collection and understanding the intricacies of eye wear design, to picking the materials and customisation of the final product it’s been such a rewarding experience. Together we’ve pushed every boundary so I’m extremely proud to finally get to share the Police x Lewis Hamilton Collection with the world” says Lewis Hamilton.

To celebrate this fantastic achievement Glyn Jones Opticians are offering 10 per cent off Lewis Hamilton Police spectacles. Call 01782 212666 to book an appointment to view the Lewis Hamilton look.


The latest innovations at Glyn Jones Opticians

We are pleased to announce the latest state of the art eye examination is now available. The Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT scan, as it is also known, brings to our patients cutting edge technologies that maps out a 3 D image of your eye and measures the thickness of the layers. All of which helps your Optometrist gain a greater understanding of your eyesight. 

What conditions can it help to detect?


Diabetic Retinopathy

Detached Retina

Age-related Macular Degeneration

Macular Hole

Please call or ask your Optometrist for more information.


For the love of the city.

Set in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent . Glyn Jones Opticians has been providing quality eye care for the city and surrounding districts for over forty years. We are the perfect place if you are looking for the latest high class designer spectacles, with one of the largest collections in the area or just a high quality budget frame. We have it all covered. We are proud to be completely independently owned, managed and run by local people. Take a look at our article:


Get ready for the sunshine with the latest innovative Transition Lenses 

Glyn Jones Opticians are among the first in the UK to stock these life-changing lenses, and there's plenty of time to check them out ahead of summer, and any overseas trips to the sun you may be planning. The new Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™ protect the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also protect against blue light both indoors and out, and the process of activation and fade-back has been speeded up significantly.

So, if you’re already thinking about the longer, brighter days or a sun-kissed trip abroad, wear prescription glasses and are constantly changing between your shades, you’ll probably want to check out the new Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™ lenses. For more information take a look at our sentinel article.


Aprils Event cancelled until November 2020 

To celebrate the forthcoming James Bond movie Glyn Jones Opticians invite you to view the 007 sunglass collection from the movies



Join us also for their new season spectacle collection launch

And enjoy either brunch or afternoon tea.

10% discount on the day. T&C apply 


Royal   Ascot

Friday 19th of June 2020 from 11am until 4pm.

It is the epitome of elegance and style, being awash with exquisite fashion
and if you cannot attend, join Glyn Jones Opticians and Gucci eyewear to celebrate
this iconic event for afternoon tea.

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